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The feared German Messerschmitt fighter is the other chopper fabricated for G. Gordon Liddy’s commemorative “Battle of Britain” chopper series designed and built by Metropolitan Choppers. It, along with the RAF’s Spitfire, ruled the European skies prior to the US Air Corp entering the WW II fray. Details from the spiral painted propeller hub that indicated the directional spin of the prop, to the rear end wing assembly, struts, and authentic German markings, make this chopper historically accurate and fun to look at.
• Frame: Pro One
• Engine: Ultima
• Transmission: Pro One
• Front End: Springer
• Wheels: American Machine
• Tires: Avon
• Body Work, Base Paint & Clear: Mondello’s Auto Body
• Artwork & Graphics: C. Harris Designs
* info & pictures courtesy Metropolitan Choppers