Cycles, Vehicles, Helmets, and Masks

Working on vehicle, helmets, and masks have always been a favorite area for me.

Customers requesting this kind of work always choose designs that suit their individual taste, so I've never duplicated a design. Artwork should be as unique as the individual it's ment for.

I pride myselves on the service I provide my customers. When I meet with a client, it's important to get all their input, from design ideas to color schemes. Based on that we'll brain storm together to finalize a complete concept, so that at the end of this meeting all concerned will be confident in what the finished job will be.

One of the points I won't compromise on is the quality of the work I do. Materials and process are always professional- if you want a great finished product you can't shortcut anything. The artwork must be rendered with as much care and detail as possible; base paint and clear-coating are also given equal attention. It would be painfully obvious if any of these components weren't done to the best of ability.

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